Assertiva Mindfulness is a startup of mindfulness classes. Founded by Luiz Ribeiro and Rita Kawamata, the company develop lectures, workshops and courses of mindfulness and compassion. Also organize events open to the public or customized for groups and organizations. Since may 2017 I started as a team member, working as a creative designer and as a mindfulness instructor as well. In partnership with Carol Lopes, we rebrand all the communications assets (email, website, Facebook/Instagram/WhatsApp cards).

SerCiente is a new course, launch in 2018 for mindfulness instructors formation and certification. My role was to work with pop and iconic movie language related to awareness and consciousness.
Sorria, você está sendo was the first course launched by Luiz, back in 2013.
before and after
Simplesmente Ser was created by Rita Kawamata, based on equanimity (one of the The Four Immeasurables).
before and after
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